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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Online Education: Codeacademy

This idea of online education is not something that new, especially in the IT world. Since its beginnings, the Internet was used to distribute information to its users. One of the most primitive form of “online education” were the online tutorials found on the Internet. Some of us remember the days (about ten years ago) […]

Online Education: Coursera

The Internet and many modern technologies changed the way we look at education. Although we are still tied town to  the centuries-old traditional teaching methods, new learning opportunities are starting to popup for us. I would like to start a series of posts about Online Education. Probably one on the most popular such endeavour is […]


This site started out when I bought a domain ( and didn’t know what exactly to do with it. I had the idea of installing an easy-to-use CMS to post technical articles about things I played around with, in order to document them for further use (for myself, but more important, for others such as […]