AlexJ's Computer Science Journal


This site started out when I bought a domain ( and didn’t know what exactly to do with it. I had the idea of installing an easy-to-use CMS to post technical articles about things I played around with, in order to document them for further use (for myself, but more important, for others such as me). WordPress was the obvious choice, so it became a blog.

Although I tried to keep things technical, some posts had a more personal touch. But from what the Tags cloud has discovered from my posts in the last 5 years, this blog contains stuff about Linux & Cisco (out of my passion for systems and network administration), Open Source & ROSEdu ( although not the solution to all the world’s problems, Open Source and Open Education is something I like to promote to the world), and UPB&CS (the things that happen at the faculty where I study (-ed)). In the first year of the blog, there were lots of posts, but then came a period of pause, and then, the last period, where there were some posts, but rather few.

I bought a new personal domain: And I wanted to restart this blog (yes, I said that I would do that many times before… maybe this time it will work). I will try to have both technical and personal posts (hopefully more of the first). I will mostly post in English (although I will use Romanian when the need will be). The new address will be:

Thanks and I hope you will come back.


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