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DevConf 2015 – Part 1: Introduction

This weekend I attended DevConf 2015. It was probably the first time I went to a conference that I didn’t plan on joining (or didn’t even know about) a month earlier. But since I was in town and I had a free weekend, I went and can’t say that I regret going, because there were some nice presentations and workshops, and left with actually find out about some new things.



DevConf (aka is a Red Hat organized event for people involved in projects from the Red Hat ecosystems. This includes Fedora, CentOS, OpenSwift, JBoss and others. It is organized in the European city where Red Hat has the biggest development office: Brno, Czech Republic. Registration was not needed so attending was free.

This year’s edition lasted 3 days, from Friday to Sunday (today).

The venue was the Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology, which, as I found out, was a great place to have a conference. The university is very modern and had all the requirements for hosting an A class conference. I would also like to point out that the faculty building is actually an old monastery and the architecture was very interesting. Even though from the outside of the walls, the massive building seemed hundreds of years old, the inside was as modern as you could imagine a 21st century university.

See photo album.

As a short introduction, I should say that the conference was organized into several tracks, including kernel, networking, storage, virtualization, containers (I’ll get back on this topic in part 2), software quality, security middleware and many others. Presentations were about 40 minutes long and videos are available on the YouTube Channel of the conference. The workshops were about 90 minutes long and some, unfortunately, not available online because some were hands on. There were also some lightning talks  (which I didn’t attend). You can see the schedule at

Day 1

Because it was a Friday, I didn’t attend much of the presentations. I did watch the opening keynote about The Future of Red Hat live online (I love YouTube/Hangouts for the On Air feature).

Also, I did attend a lunch presentation about Unikernels. The reason being that I saw OSv in the description. OSv is something I’ve heard in the past when I tried to search for modern growing kernel projects that were not Linux or BSD. I did learn more about OSv and also about MirajeOS (written in OCaml), including some strengths compared to complex kernels like Linux. The two have potential for becoming something interesting in the future, but they are currently so early in development that they are nowhere near ready for production. I think that now they are only useful for research in the field.

A lot of the other presentations of the day were focused on cloud and containers (that would be Docker – more on this in part 2).  I would have gone to a presentation about Docker security and Docker deployment.  There was a presentation about Foreman, something I recently heard about and would have liked to learn more. And it would have been useful to go to a Kubernetes and Fedora Atomic because workshops the next day were about them. I will be discussing about these projects later, when I talk about day 2 and 3.

In the evening, there was a party with food and drinks for the lucky
attendees that had tickets.

To be continued in part 2. Executive summary (and conclusion) in part 3.


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