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DevConf 2015 – Part 3: Executive summary

[See part 1 and part 2 for more in depth commentaries]

I wanted the conclusion to be in the form or a list or recommended presentation to watch online on the YouTube Channel of the event. I also wanted to wait for slides to be published, but at the time of writing this, they have yet to be so [UPDATE: some slides were published and I linked them below]. Here are the recommendations by topic. I filtered out the ones that sounded interesting but were not and left the ones I saw onsite or online and would be worth watching.

My impression is that the theme of the conference was “Docker Docker Docker”, as were a lot of other conferences and events in the last year. So, start with the Docker presentations, then go to the projects about lightweight container images, like Project Atomic.

Fedora (and CentOS) Atomic [YouTube]

Docker Security [YouTube]

Probably the hot topic: Super Privileged Containers (SPC) [YouTube] [slides]

Then, take a look a the Kubernetes (the orchestration software for Docker) presentation and workshop:

What is kubernetes? [YouTube]
Kubernetes: launching your first application [YouTube]

After, the PaaS framework on top of Kubernetes, OpenShift, so you get what’s the deal with the trio Docket-Kubernetes-OpenShift.v3 and where do atomic hosts fit into this.

OpenShift 3 – The future of _aaS [YouTube]

OpenShift v3: Docker, Kubernetes & the power of Cross Community Collaboration [YouTube]

A category of it’s on, but fun presentation about tips and tricks for sysadmins:

Quick Hacks for DevOps [YouTube]

I would recommend the presentation about new Fedora Server to make your own opinion, along with a presentation about Cockpit, one of the features that Fedora Server is trying to market.

Fedora Server – Getting back to our roots [YouTube] [slides]

Cockpit: Modern Server User Interface [YouTube]

And last, but not least, I would recommend the CephFS, presentation so you get a feel of another paradigm for filesystems.

Ceph FS development update [YouTube] [slides]


Though it wasn’t the most interesting conference I’ve been to, it was really worth going. Lots of interesting presentation (actually more than the number of slots). And I did learn about some new technologies and had fun at some presentation.
It’s pretty clear that the Red Hat’s strategy (no inside information) is virtualization, more specific, container virtualization. No surprises there. But what’s now visible are the technologies and products that will carry Red Hat in that market (successfully, I hope).
So, DevConf 2015 was fun and I look forward to going next year too.


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