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LinuxCon Europe 2015 – Intro

After two years, I am back in the British Isles at LinuxCon Europe 2015. This year, Dublin is the hosting city, so after a weekend full of Guinness, time to have fun with Linux geeks.
LinuxCon, as the name suggests, is the biggest Linux Conference and it is organized by the Linux Foundation. The one here in Dublin is part of the Linux Con Europe series. I participated two years ago at LinuxCon Europe in Edinburgh and I enjoyed it so much that I am glad I had the chance of repeating it.
The entry ticket was more expensive this year (725$ early booking), however there was a significant discount for hobbyists (people that weren’t sponsored by a company to attend) bringing the cost to 300$. Since I came on my own I went for it.

Technically, the event it combined the actual LinuxCon Europe with Linux Embedded Conference Europe and CloudOpen and also some smaller conference like the UEFI Forum which was free or Yocto Project Developer Day (which needed separate ticket).

The conference itself was held at the state-of-the-art Dublin Convention Center, on the banks of the Liffey river, in front of best looking modern bridge in the city (a suspension bridge in the share of an Irish harp) . The venue was very nice and well suited for a high class event (with the exception of a non functional wireless the main amphitheater when 1000 geeks were online).

From the very start I could tell that it was going to be a big event. The number of participating companies was big (at least compared with the one in Edinburgh). They were from big names like IBM, Intel Samsung and Google to smaller companies either well known like GitHub or less known like Enea, and of course big Open Source names  like Red Hat and SuSe.

It was also very big judging by the schedule. It lasted 3 whole days, which can be considered a long conference. I am used to attending conferences where you have several presentations at the same time (different ‘tracks’) but this was one had up to 13 happening at the same time. Not to mention that there was always some activity on the big floor of the conference where the company booths were.

The big topics discussed were around (unsurprisingly) the popular 2015 buzzwords of “containers” and “Internet of things”. Other keywords/products that appeared in titles were security, OpenStack, embedded, UEFI, drones.

Rather than using my usual style of describing the event chronologically by splitting the story into posts per day, I am going to split it into two main parts (not including this introduction). In the first I am going to summarize what happened at the presentations (the keynotes and some of the small parallel presentation sessions that I attended) and what happened in the common area where the company booths were (which was, at times, more interesting).

I plan on following up the article in the following days.

Thoughts on the presentations: [part 1]


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