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VPS Security

I recently decided to migrate this site from an older server to a VPS. I went with IntoVPS because I got some positive feedback from people I know and use their services. Although I am a big user of Ubuntu Server(LTS), I went with a CentOS install. My first Linux interactions were with RedHat based […]

[TechBlog] Exploiting environment variables

[Part 1 from ROSEdu Techblog] Environment variables are sometimes very important when creating new processes. For example, the PATH variable, that decides what executable to run. The easiest example to exploit PATH is to add the current directory . to the list and overwrite common shell commands with something else. $ cat ./ls echo P0wn3d […]

Private Networks – Introduction and Legacy Solutions

META: This article is a draft for a chapter of my Research Paper for this semester. Introduction An Enterprise Network is usually a network of a medium-to-large company that has multiple branches in different geographical locations, each branch with its own local data networks. The branches need to communicate in order to access each other’s […]