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DevConf 2015 – Part 2

[see part 1 first] Day 2 I went early in the morning for a workshop about The guts of a modern NIC driver and bonding internals. It was very interesting (not for beginners but also not that exclusive if you had a minimum exposure to Linux device drivers and Linux networking). We got to compare […]

DevConf 2015 – Part 1: Introduction

This weekend I attended DevConf 2015. It was probably the first time I went to a conference that I didn’t plan on joining (or didn’t even know about) a month earlier. But since I was in town and I had a free weekend, I went and can’t say that I regret going, because there were […]

eLiberatica 2009 conclusion

Yet another eLiberatica 2009 post… Ediţia de anul acesta a fost foarte difertită ca cea de anul trecut. În primul rând datorită locaţiei. Dacă anul trecut s-a desfăşurat într-un mediu business (World Trade Plaza), anul acesta a fost în unul mai academic… eLiberatica aduce un strop de gândire de afaceri în lumea Open Source şi, […]