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Private Networks – Introduction and Legacy Solutions

META: This article is a draft for a chapter of my Research Paper for this semester. Introduction An Enterprise Network is usually a network of a medium-to-large company that has multiple branches in different geographical locations, each branch with its own local data networks. The branches need to communicate in order to access each other’s […]

[CCIELab] Frame Relay Switching

[Originally posted on] Frame Relay is still very much a popular subject in exams, labs and in the real networks. Any lab with topologies that run different protocols over FR must start with the layer 2 configuration of the Frame Relay switched network. FR Topologies like full mesh or hub and spoke require a […]

[CCIELab] Back-to-back Frame Relay

[Originally posted on] This is the simplest use of a Frame Relay encapsulation and it’s between two routers, without a Frame Relay Switch. PPP or HDLC would make more sense to use in these types of links, but it is useful in labs. In a back-to-back scenario is important to remember what the FR […]